Toby Keith – Big Dog Daddy (2007) [FLAC]

Toby Keith - Big Dog Daddy (2007) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Toby_Keith-Big_Dog_Daddy-CD-FLAC-2007-FLACME
Artist: Toby Keith
Album: Big Dog Daddy
Genre: Country
Year: 2007
Tracks: 11
Duration: 00:37:51
Size: 254.87 MB

On his first totally controlled album for his own label, Toby Keith adds another title to his rsum: producer. Throughout, the former Oklahoma wildcatter, who’s taken heat for his blustery patriotism and outspoken remarks, seems to be seeking new respect, shifting the focus off of politics and grandstanding and back to his talents as a musician. While his last album, White Trash with Money, found him flirting with R&B and adding horns for a bit more bump, his latest effort finds him nearly in a singer-songwriter mood, taking more time to craft the sound of the tracks and laying down his own harmonies. He’s still relying on gimmicky wordplay and cartoon puffery for his full-tilt radio numbers (“High Maintenance Woman,” “Big Dog Daddy”), but he also showcases the sensitive, ballad-heavy side of his personality that hasn’t been as apparent since the ’90s (“Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine on You,” “We Were in Love”). He achieves this with some fine cowriting–the winsome “I Know She Hung the Moon” and “Walk It Off,” and the lusty “Burnin’ Moonlight.” He also finds two excellent covers, Fred Eaglesmith’s “White Rose” (which combines nostalgia for full-service gas stations with that of a teen’s coming of age) and the thoughtful Craig Wiseman/Chris Wallin ballad “Love Me If You Can.” The latter, a quiet social commentary, revisits Keith’s familiar theme of holding one’s ground, but with a far more compassionate approach than he’s tried before. Consider it a meditation from a brash king of the hill who hasn’t forgotten how to be humble. –Alanna Nash


  1. Toby Keith – High Maintenance Woman – 3:21 (1031 kbps , 24.74 MB)
  2. Toby Keith – Love Me If You Can – 3:37 (922 kbps , 23.85 MB)
  3. Toby Keith – White Rose – 3:48 (913 kbps , 24.79 MB)
  4. Toby Keith – Get My Drink On – 3:08 (976 kbps , 21.83 MB)
  5. Toby Keith – Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya – 3:18 (985 kbps , 23.27 MB)
  6. Toby Keith – Big Dog Daddy – 3:54 (954 kbps , 26.57 MB)
  7. Toby Keith – I Know She Hung The Moon – 3:35 (865 kbps , 22.18 MB)
  8. Toby Keith – Pump Jack – 3:30 (977 kbps , 24.45 MB)
  9. Toby Keith – Burnin’ Moonlight – 3:51 (911 kbps , 25.1 MB)
  10. Toby Keith – Walk It Off – 3:03 (822 kbps , 17.92 MB)
  11. Toby Keith – Hit It – 2:52 (983 kbps , 20.16 MB)

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