No Trigger – Extinction In Stereo (2005) [FLAC]

No Trigger - Extinction In Stereo (2005) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: No_Trigger-Extinction_In_Stereo-CDEP-FLAC-2005-FAiNT
Artist: No Trigger
Album: Extinction In Stereo
Genre: Punk
Year: 2005
Tracks: 7
Duration: 00:20:43
Size: 161.4 MB

In 2000, three guys from Massachusetts formed an aggressive punk band called No Trigger. The team quickly put together enough songs to play a full live set, took their first tour from Boston to Chicago, and recorded their first demo CD. Since then, No Trigger has put out two independent releases, gone on multiple tours, and amassed a great deal of experience. The band signed a deal with Nitro Records and released their debut full-length in March 2006. Nowadays, No Trigger continues to aggressively push on and has absolutely no plans to stop doing what they love.

Extinction in Stereo is a combination of the two demos No Trigger independently released before they signed with Nitro Records in late 2005. In late 2004, the admired Japanese punk label BigMouth JPN initially released the EP exclusively in Japan after having the songs digitally re-mastered. With the success of the EP in Japan and the band’s swiftly growing national fan base, a growing demand for this EP has sprouted in the US. Because of this, No Trigger has teamed up with New School Records to bring it to the US, repackaged and ready for retail. The seven songs found on Extinction in Stereo are a mix of aggressive yet melodic punk highlighted by socially relevant lyrics. This is a definite must for any current fan of the band, or for fans of aggressive punk in the vein of Rise Against, Good Riddance, or Strike Anywhere.


Downway – Defeat Songs (2001) [FLAC]

Downway - Defeat Songs (2001) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Downway-Defeat_Songs-CD-FLAC-2001-FAiNT
Artist: Downway
Album: Defeat Songs
Genre: Punk
Year: 2001
Tracks: 11
Duration: 00:31:01
Size: 221.86 MB

The Calgary based four-piece of Downway got together in 1995 after the breakup of S.P.I. and Blind Hate. With their roots in hardcore and pop-punk, the lineup of Dave Jr., Dave Holmes, Isaac, and Ryan respectively took up guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. Hourglass Records immediately released Downway’s first album, Downway Is As Downway Does, within four months of their formation. After touring with the likes of the Dayglow Abortions and Diesel Boy, Hourglass followed with the bands’ second album Knacknacker in 1998, which was eventually distributed by the Seattle-based 206 Records. Their third album, Never Be Clever Again, followed in late 2000. ~ Mike DaRonco