Union Carbide Productions – In The Air Tonight (1989)

Union Carbide Productions - In The Air Tonight (1989) Download

Release Name: Union_Carbide_Productions-In_The_Air_Tonight-(RACD_030)-CD-FLAC-1989-RUiL
Artist: Union Carbide Productions
Album: In The Air Tonight
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Year: 1989
Tracks: 10
Duration: 00:40:05
Size: 293.71 MB

A brain fryer from the moment “Ring My Bell” pummels you with its assaultive chords and Ebbot Lundberg’s Iggy rant. Riff-driven, yet unafraid to explore sonic textures not frequently part of the hard rock lexicon (i.e., the noisy fake jazz of “Pour un Flirt Avec Toi,” the aural bombast and metallic skronk of “Down on the Beach”), Union Carbide Productions were on top of their game with their debut, a record that deserved more notice than it got. They would come close, but never climb these heights again, a fact that makes this, for Stooges/MC5 lovers, an essential purchase. ~ John Dougan, All Music Guide