Halo In Reverse – I Am Become Death Destroyer Of Worlds (2018) [FLAC]

Halo In Reverse - I Am Become Death Destroyer Of Worlds (2018) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Halo_In_Reverse-I_Am_Become_Death_Destroyer_Of_Worlds-CD-FLAC-2018-FWYH
Artist: Halo In Reverse
Album: I Am Become Death Destroyer Of Worlds
Genre: Industrial
Year: 2018
Tracks: 16
Duration: 01:18:07
Size: 573.22 MB

On his much anticipated new album “I Am Become Death Destroyer Of Worlds”, the rebellious HALO IN REVERSE powerful machine is heading at full speed against all forms of tyrannies and nothing will stop Joshua Steffen from spitting his rage on all war waging US presidents. And songs like “The Tyrant”, the now classic club hit “King O”, “A River Red” and “Beating The Drum” speak for themselves!

Still strongly rooted in the electro / industrial rock genre, HALO IN REVERSE significantly widens his sonic spectrum by bringing his characteristic clash of groovy bass lines against gritty incisive guitars to the next aggravating level. The overall tone this time is more aggressive but also more passionate and poignant. The subtle combination of deviant melodic electronics with highly expressive tormented vocals turn these new songs into dangerous intoxicating addictive tunes! And it’s just a matter of time until you’ll fall into his claws…

While letting his caustic synthesizers flow and percolate intricate song arrangements mixing trashy guitars with echoing dramatic piano rolls, Joshua Steffen delivers another electro record filled with emotion and the pain that only love can bring us when it is no longer returned, turning into a true catharsis helping him exorcising some personal demons and unleashing his raging sexuality on lustrous and decadent songs with attitude (“Five To The Wrist”, “Dirty Girl”, etc.).

“I Am Become Death Destroyer Of Worlds” also has its surprises and unpredictable moments with the depressive and almost psychotic punk-wave epic cut “That Is What It Feels Like In My Head” or yet the manic cover of BLACK SABBATH’s “Into The Void” and the so well fitting take on JESUS & THE MARY CHAIN’s classic “Reverence”, or last but not least the catchy simplicity of “Let You Down”, a love-song full of grandeur and sincerity…

An enticing mlange of organic and synthetic for the ultimate Electro / industrial rock made in America that comes highly recommended to fans of HATE DEPT, NINE INCH NAILS, FILTER and MINISTRY.

Welcome to the Thunderdome dark passengers…!
released September 21, 2018


Pop. 1280 – Paradise (2016) [FLAC]

Pop. 1280 - Paradise (2016) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Pop._1280-Paradise-CD-FLAC-2016-D2H
Artist: Pop. 1280
Album: Paradise
Genre: Industrial
Year: 2016
Tracks: 9
Duration: 00:39:14
Size: 247.99 MB

Paradise builds on 2013’s Imps of Perversion LP by venturing further outside of traditional notions of punk, and diving even deeper into outer sounds. Synthesizers, mechanized drum machines, and samplers play as critical a role on the record as the more familiar squall of Ivan Drip’s buzzsaw guitar and Chris Bug’s vocals. Any noise a band member could make that helped contribute to the record’s atmosphere of unease was welcome; synth player Allegra Sauvage adds cello to two songs, and drummer/producer Andy Chugg plays trumpet on the title track. The songs lose none of their primal immediacy through the addition of these new sounds, but the instrumentation lends them a maximalist streak as well. The sessions for Paradise were held at the Population Control Center, and the result is the most collaborative Pop. 1280 release to date.