Vangelis – Spiral (1977) [FLAC]

Vangelis - Spiral (1977) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Vangelis-Spiral-(PL25116)-LP-FLAC-1977-BITOCUL
Artist: Vangelis
Album: Spiral
Genre: Ambient
Year: 1977
Tracks: 5
Duration: 00:39:04
Size: 746.55 MB

As far as Vangelis’ early work is concerned (pertaining to the five years of his solo career), Spiral stands up quite well, although it’s almost always regarded as an inessential effort. Although the structures and the overall dynamics of the pieces are less complicated and less sophisticated, Spiral’s keyboard utilization is still extremely effectual, even if it does take awhile to get off the ground. The five tracks that make up the album aren’t as atmospheric or as elaborately shifting as 1975’s Heaven and Hell or 1976’s Albedo 0.39, but his musical movement does seem to transgress toward full, complete soundscapes, especially in “To the Unknown Man,” the album’s best example of Vangelis’ artistry. The album is based on a dancer’s appreciation of the universe and how it spirals into infinity, a concept which came to him through his own pirouettes. Both “Spiral” and “Ballad” touch ever so lightly on melody, appropriately relating to the album’s theme, while the lengthy “3+3” begins to unveil Vangelis’ creativity and sense of electronic exploration. After Spiral, Vangelis’ style changed somewhat, with more of a smoother, more melodic approach to the synthesizer, implemented to create a closer relationship between classical and electronic music. Albums such as Beauborg and China lay claim to this, also employing stronger ties between the theme and the music, while 1981’s Chariots of Fire has him merging the two styles completely.


Tangerine Dream – Rubycon (1978) [FLAC]

Tangerine Dream - Rubycon (1978) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Tangerine_Dream-Rubycon-(2933716)-Reissue-LP-FLAC-1978-BITOCUL
Artist: Tangerine Dream
Album: Rubycon
Genre: Ambient
Year: 1978
Tracks: 2
Duration: 00:34:45
Size: 630.57 MB

The members of Tangerine Dream continued to hone their craft as pioneers of the early days of electronica, and the mid-’70s proved to be a time of prosperity and musical growth for the trio of Chris Franke, early member Peter Baumann, and permanent frontman Edgar Froese. The three of them had been delivering mysterious space records on a regular basis, and their growing confidence with early synthesizers (the best that money could buy at the time) made them virtuosos of the genre, even as they kept things organic and unpredictable with gongs, prepared piano, and electric guitar. Rubycon has aged gracefully for the most part, making it a solid companion (and follow-up) to their 1974 album, Phaedra. The somewhat dated palette of sounds here never overshadow the mood: eerie psychedelia without the paisleys — Pink Floyd without the rock. “Rubycon, Pt. 1” ebbs and flows through tense washes of echo and Mellotron choirs, as primitive sequencer lines bubble to the surface. “Pt. 2” opens in a wonderfully haunted way, like air-raid sirens at the lowest possible pitch, joined in unison by several male voices (someone in the band must have heard Gyrgy Ligeti’s work for 2001). Rising out of the murkiness, the synthesizer arpeggios return to drive things along, and Froese weaves his backwards-recorded guitar through the web without really calling too much attention to himself. The piece evolves through varying degrees of tension, takes a pit stop on the shoreline of some faraway beach, then ever so gradually unravels a cluster of free-form strings and flutes. The rest are vapors, your ears are sweating under your headphones, and the smoke has cleared from your bedroom. This is a satisfying ambient record from the pre-ambient era, too dark for meditation, and too good to be forgotten.


Pieter Nooten – Stem (2018) [FLAC]

Pieter Nooten - Stem (2018) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Pieter_Nooten-Stem-(RGIRL115)-CD-FLAC-2018-HOUND
Artist: Pieter Nooten
Album: Stem
Genre: Ambient
Year: 2018
Tracks: 10
Duration: 00:58:25
Size: 284.12 MB

CD edition includes bonus track. 2018 release. Rumored to be one of the most intriguing collaborations of 2018, Rocket Girl presents Pieter Nooten’s fourth solo album Stem as Nooten teams up with legendary producer/mixer/sound-artist Stephen W Tayler (Kate Bush, Underworld) at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. Stem is probably Nooten’s finest work since collaborating with Michael Brook 30 years ago, producing the timeless cult classic Sleeps With The Fishes. Setting the tone in his 2013 double CD Haven, Nooten further explores the boundaries between the neoclassical and ambient genre, delivering an album of heart wrenching, profound melodic compositions that invites you to listen to STEM over and over again.