Chris Botti – When I Fall In Love (2004) [FLAC]

Chris Botti - When I Fall In Love (2004) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Chris_Botti-When_I_Fall_In_Love-CD-FLAC-2004-FiXIE
Artist: Chris Botti
Album: When I Fall In Love
Genre: Jazz
Year: 2004
Tracks: 13
Duration: 00:58:41
Size: 306.18 MB

When I Fall in Love is the seventh studio album by trumpet player Chris Botti. It was released by Columbia Records on September 28, 2004 and peaked at number 1 on Billboard Top Jazz Albums chart. The album has sold more than 500,000 copies and has been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Trumpeter Chris Botti drops the synthesizers and drum loops of his previous effort, Thousand Kisses Deep, for a more elegant and traditional sound on When I Fall in Love. While Thousand Kisses Deep maximized Botti’s penchant for mixing perfect pop songs with his Miles Davis-influenced jazz style, it nonetheless featured many of the electronic and processed sounds predictable on modern smooth jazz releases. By eschewing such “go to” pop-jazz production techniques as drum machines and synthesized strings in favor of the real instruments here, Botti ironically sounds utterly groundbreaking on what is ultimately a straight-ahead orchestral jazz album. While nowhere near as improvisationally adventurous as its predecessors, When I Fall in Love is still a revelation in the tradition of Sketches of Spain, Clifford Brown With Strings, and Wynton Marsalis’ Hot House Flowers. Mixing standards and contemporary pop tunes all in a straight-ahead style, Botti gives his minimalist Miles-ian horn sound a chance to breath and be enjoyed on its own. Boldly, Botti swings here with a big band on “Let’s Fall in Love,” and after years of guessing that he would sound great on a standard ballad, you get to enjoy the proof as he sighs and coos his way through “My Romance” with a plaintive tone perfectly counterbalanced by full string orchestra. But it’s not just the standards that impress; he turns the Sade classic “No Ordinary Love” into a moody and atmospheric paean that wouldn’t sound out of place on Kind of Blue. Similarly, Sting’s “La Belle Dame Sans Regrets” — featuring the ex-Police frontman — brilliantly combines hardcore jazz improvisation on a radio-friendly modern Latin ballad. Botti should also be commended for choosing a stellar group of backing musicians including the underappreciated pianist Billy Childs, who adds his stylish touch on both acoustic piano and Fender Rhodes. While Botti has broken new ground in the smooth jazz genre in the past, his rediscovery of his jazz roots makes When I Fall in Love the album he has been threatening to make his whole career.


  1. Chris Botti – When I Fall In Love – 4:22 (756 kbps , 23.63 MB)
  2. Chris Botti – What’ll I Do? – 5:10 (723 kbps , 26.69 MB)
  3. Chris Botti – No Ordinary Love – 6:05 (830 kbps , 36.09 MB)
  4. Chris Botti – My Romance – 3:21 (672 kbps , 16.14 MB)
  5. Chris Botti – Let’s Fall In Love – 3:41 (794 kbps , 20.95 MB)
  6. Chris Botti – Cinema Paradiso – 4:58 (693 kbps , 24.57 MB)
  7. Chris Botti – Someone To Watch Over Me – 4:36 (712 kbps , 23.45 MB)
  8. Chris Botti – La Belle Dame Sans Regrets – 5:32 (816 kbps , 32.3 MB)
  9. Chris Botti – Nearness Of You – 3:12 (671 kbps , 15.33 MB)
  10. Chris Botti – How Love Should Be – 4:04 (735 kbps , 21.36 MB)
  11. Chris Botti – Make Someone Happy – 4:09 (812 kbps , 24.15 MB)
  12. Chris Botti – One For My Baby – 4:54 (573 kbps , 20.07 MB)
  13. Chris Botti – Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro) – 4:45 (631 kbps , 21.44 MB)

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