Chick Corea And Origin – Change (1999) [FLAC]

Chick Corea And Origin - Change (1999) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Chick_Corea_And_Origin-Change-CD-FLAC-1999-FLACME
Artist: Chick Corea And Origin
Album: Change
Genre: Jazz
Year: 1999
Tracks: 11
Duration: 00:53:21
Size: 297.42 MB

The sextet Origin is far beyond a second coming for Chick Corea. This man’s on his eighth or ninth self-reinvention by now, 35 years since his Latin-dance-band start. More power to him: After stints with his Elektric and Akoustic bands, heavily fuzionoid and light-as-a-feather circles, he’s emerged as an elegant composer of intricate, romantic ensemble works, the leader of a youth-tipped band that displays fierce musicality and welcomed nuance, and a committed jazz pianist with few remaining peers. Having released a six-CD set of live Origin and a previous studio session, Corea shows clear commitment to this band: Avishai Cohen on acoustic bass; Steve Wilson and Bob Sheppard, reeds and winds; Steve Davis, trombone; and Jeff Ballard (replacing Adam Cruz) on drums. From a concert grand (and recording 10 of the 11 tracks in his living room, without headphones, baffles, monitors, or edits – though he did overdub one marimba part), Corea spins them through flamencos, tangos, a ’50s Miles-Cannonball-Coltrane-style blues, evocations of Circle (hear Wilson’s credible Braxton-esque solo!), and his patented warm, but also cool, chamber compositions. After decades exploring multi-keyboard potentials, Corea has developed a fine sense of personal and group phrasings and has enhanced the details and range of his orchestration. Corea’s musicians dependably make the most of short breaks, personal features, and ensemble blends. And when Corea is on – as he is consistently, but not obnoxiously, here – Chick shows he’s got it all: taste, touch, speed, clarity, lyricism, imagination, even beguiling wit. His solos and accompaniments and the band’s motifs flow in, out, and around each other, organically. This is the Corea of Now He Sings, Now He Sobs (though less rhapsodic), far, far from My Spanish Heart. It’s Chick, the brilliant contributor to Gary Burton’s all-star Like Minds, concentrating on a personal, refined, mature musical vision, swinging and classic in his own right.


  1. Chick Corea And Origin – wigwam – 2:43 (843 kbps , 16.43 MB)
  2. Chick Corea And Origin – armandos tango – 4:52 (745 kbps , 25.91 MB)
  3. Chick Corea And Origin – little flamenco – 2:58 (548 kbps , 11.65 MB)
  4. Chick Corea And Origin – early afternoon blues – 4:56 (827 kbps , 29.15 MB)
  5. Chick Corea And Origin – before your eyes – 7:56 (799 kbps , 45.35 MB)
  6. Chick Corea And Origin – l.a. scenes – 1:54 (494 kbps , 6.71 MB)
  7. Chick Corea And Origin – home – 5:19 (786 kbps , 29.88 MB)
  8. Chick Corea And Origin – the spinner – 5:50 (863 kbps , 36.05 MB)
  9. Chick Corea And Origin – compassion (ballad) – 6:39 (800 kbps , 38.02 MB)
  10. Chick Corea And Origin – night (lylah) – 6:54 (771 kbps , 38.06 MB)
  11. Chick Corea And Origin – awakening – 3:27 (821 kbps , 20.21 MB)

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