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VA – 1+1=X (2018) [FLAC]

VA - 1+1=X (2018) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: VA-1_Plus_1_Equals_X-(ERATP100BS)-Reissue_Limited_Edition-3LP-FLAC-2018-MLS
Artist: VA
Album: 1+1=X
Genre: Electronic
Year: 2018
Tracks: 20
Duration: 01:45:54
Size: 1.93 GB

Erased Tapes rounds off a jubilant year of tenth anniversary celebrations with a very special release, 1+1=X, a set of exclusive music from every artist on the label. Featuring never before heard tracks from Nils Frahm, Kiasmos and A Winged Victory For The Sullen, 1+1=X sees Erased Tapes artists come together to make an album as a collective. Sharing the same space, instruments and each others capabilities during a residency at Vox-Ton studio in Berlin, they recorded 20 songs to mark the label’s 10-year history.


Tracy Lawrence – I See It Now (1994) [FLAC]

Tracy Lawrence - I See It Now (1994) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Tracy_Lawrence-I_See_It_Now-CD-FLAC-1994-FLACME
Artist: Tracy Lawrence
Album: I See It Now
Genre: Country
Year: 1994
Tracks: 10
Duration: 00:34:13
Size: 216 MB

With his cute strawberry-blond moustache and broad-brimmed cowboy hat, Tracy Lawrence comes across at first as just one more of Nashville’s young matinee idols. He’s a lot better than most of them, though, and I See It Now proves he’s that rare honky-tonk singer who can make you laugh at love’s foolishness on one song and cry at love’s agony on the next. Lawrence’s ’93 album, Alibis, was the best collection of comic country songs since Roger Miller’s heyday; I See It Now isn’t quite as satisfying, but it does confirm Lawrence can be quite effective as a balladeer. There’s no better evidence of Lawrence’s honky-tonk credentials than his ability to hold his own with John Anderson on the delightfully exaggerated duet, “Hillbilly with a Heartache.” The album’s title tune is an old-fashioned honky-tonk ballad about a man who realizes his ex loves her new man more than she ever loved him; Lawrence spices the lyrics with a paradoxical mixture of envy and congratulations. Paul Nelson and Kenny Beard, who wrote some of the best songs on Alibis, wrote that one, another breakup gem called “As Any Fool Can See,” and “If the World Had a Front Porch,” a bit of down-home philosophy redeemed by its sparkling details. Unfortunately, the quality of the songwriting falls off pretty sharply after the above four songs. It’s too bad, for Lawrence is one of the most interesting young artists in Nashville today, and he has the chance to become the premier comic country singer of his generation. –Geoffrey Himes


Tony Bennett & Diana Krall – Love Is Here to Stay (2018) [FLAC]

Tony Bennett & Diana Krall - Love Is Here to Stay (2018) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Tony_Bennett_And_Diana_Krall-Love_Is_Here_To_Stay-(B0028703-02)-CD-FLAC-2018-HOUND
Artist: Tony Bennett & Diana Krall
Album: Love Is Here to Stay
Genre: Jazz
Year: 2018
Tracks: 12
Duration: 00:36:38
Size: 193.19 MB

Tony Bennett and Diana Krall celebrate their shared love of the music of George and Ira Gershwin on their new collaborative album, LOVE IS HERE TO STAY, set for a September 14th release.LOVE IS HERE TO STAY is a subtle, sophisticated and beautifully rendered love letter to The Gershwins music and their status as one of the premiere songwriters of the American popular standard.It is a masterclass in vocal delivery and phrasing and the command that Bennett and Krall display of the material in both their duets and solo tracks makes it appear effortless, belying the honed skill of the vocalists. The duet tracks include S Wonderful, Ive Got Rhythm, They Cant Take That Away from Me and Fascinating Rhythm, among them. Fascinating Rhythm was Tony Bennetts first physical recording in 1949, made under his then stage name, Joe Bari, which he revisits as a duet with Krall for this project.


Tim McGraw & Faith Hill – The Rest of Our Life (2017) [FLAC]

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - The Rest of Our Life (2017) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Tim_McGraw_And_Faith_Hill-The_Rest_Of_Our_Life-CD-FLAC-2017-FORSAKEN
Artist: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
Album: The Rest of Our Life
Genre: Country
Year: 2017
Tracks: 11
Duration: 00:44:18
Size: 302.05 MB

A storybook example of a successful marriage, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are no stranger to each other’s records — a year after the wedding, Hill appeared on McGraw’s 1997 single, “It’s Your Love” — but The Rest of Our Life is the first time they’ve recorded a full album together. Fittingly, the record is about being in a long-term relationship, and while the album is proudly soothing, neither singer shies away from the realities of advancing age. McGraw sings about his greying hair and expanding waistline on the title track — a song co-written by international sensation Ed Sheeran — and there are allusions to tough times on “Break First” and “Damn Good at Holding On,” but these are details that fade into the sumptuous production masterminded by the duo and Bryon Gallimore. All three have built The Rest of Our Life for comfort; it’s an album designed to be played on lazy Sunday afternoons, on long drives, and doing housework, a soundtrack to everyday life. As such, it can veer toward background music, but it’s enlivened by the chemistry between McGraw and Hill. After 20 years of marriage, they still seem smitten with each other, and that palpable affection is not only endearing, it sustains the album.